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Murickens Group an ISO certified company entered in business since 1975. We turned in to electronic field from1992 with different kinds of power saver electronic product.  Our freezing units are like deep freezer, mobile mortuary, mobile freezer and water cooler. Uninterrupted power supply products like online and offline UPS. Normal back-up power systems are semi sine wave inverter, pure sine wave inverter and two-in -one system. Solar power generating units like solar hybrid inverter, solar stand alone inverter, solar panel, solar street light, solar DC home light systems, solar charger, solar lantern  and solar water heater. Voltage stabilizing units like step-up stabilizer, step-down stabilizer, and servo voltage stabilizer etc.

         Murickens  introduce different types and different models for each specific use. Voltage Stabilizers has now become an inevitable accessory for all voltage sensitive electrical and electronic equipments. Voltage stabilizer is an electronic device capable to control voltage fluctuations and ensures the level of voltage being supplied to a specific equipment is maintained at a desired level by adjusting the variations and delivers a steady supply which gives long and trouble free services for the equipment 


Normally for the home appliances  imported from Western Countries like air conditioner, fridge, TV, micro wave oven , washing machine, sewing machine , grass cutter, phone and other  daily use products require 110 volts. Murickens Group introduced FLYLINE Step down Stabilizers since 1992 for the effective working of these appliances. It is fully automatic and maintains 110 Volts for the equipment and provides long life and trouble free service for the equipment.  <more details>



Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers are required for highly sophisticated equipments like medical equipments, CNC machines, electronic weighing machines, machinery used in IT industry, Petroleum Industry, Food Processing Industry, Printing and Textile industries. MG Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers adhere to international standards which are manufactured under the supervision of technical experts to ensure complete satisfaction of customers.
           MG Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers offer optimum performance during operation to cater customer's distinct requirements. The output voltage of the servo controlled stabilizer is continuously sensed by a microprocessor based control circuit which corrects the output voltage by means of variac and low speed, high torque and bidirectional servo motor. Apart from the standard models available in different capacities, MURICKENS GROUP also specially design and customize according to the specification of the equipment  <more details> 



Voltage fluctuations play havoc with all equipments, especially sophisticated household equipments like LED and LCD television, Refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner etc. To stabilize these fluctuations and to provide a steady voltage to our precious equipments MURICKENS GROUP introduce FLYLINE Automatic Voltage Stabilizers in different capacities suitable for each equipment which ensures efficient working and safety of our household appliances.

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We develop this product with the aim of power saving. In all aspect  Kerala is Gods Own Country, we have abundant solar power for  our daily needs. No one realize this truth and this power. Since the year of 2000, Murickens Group developed and market Flyline Hybrid Solar dual power system for the daily needs. (Commercial or  residential) by collecting photons from sun, solar panel convert it to  Dc electrons. This  electrons managed by Flyline hybrid solar system for the use of battery storing and  discharging. Hybrid system commonly used for small applications. <more details>                                                               




This is a roof top power plant used for and entire usage of house hold electronic equipments and commercial machineries. The  solar panel absorb DC power with the  help of Flyline inverter stores as a DC power at the same time it will give the AC power output. This system have the capability to work day and night. It can capable to work day and night.   <more details>


MG SOLAR WATER HEATER: It Murickens Group developed MG Solar Water heater in 2 models, FPC, (Flat Plate Collector. It have a copper heat absorbent solar panel and most efficient one. It have more advanced features like durability, efficiency and complaint free comparing to ETC Model. For ETC Model ( Evaqualated Tube Collector) its heat absorbent is glass tube, so it have more risk factors. But its  price is very low.

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SOLAR STREET LIGHT HOME LIGHT: The Flyline Solar LED Dusk to down lights are used for different applications like garden light, street light yard light advertisement board light etc., it is fully automatic light sensing on off system high efficient German technology supports longs life of the system. We have different capacities for smaller and higher  applications. We can replace hymast bulb, halogen bulb with a recommend wattage of LED.<more details>                                                               

FLYLINE SOLAR LANTERNS: Murickens' Flyline lanterns  are available in 2 models CFL and LED. CFL is an old model and Murickens replaces CFL with Light Emitting Diodes. We use high power high efficient Led to get a maximum long life and efficiency. We have different models, 1 and  3 w in 6 VOLT and 6 VOLT 12 volt.<more details>                                                               

SOLAR PANEL: MNRE approved Solar Panels are available in 2 types, Mono Crystalline and Poly crystalline. Our PV have all most all available certifications of quality. We use high efficient German modules. Different watts starting from 5 watts to 250 are available with us. <more details>


  FLYLINE SOLAR CHARGE REGULATOR: MURICKENS GROUP  have high efficient Zero dropping (100% efficient ) back to back PWM, IGBT charge controllers for smaller and higher applications. We adopt German technology for get  trouble free performance and long life. Solar Charge Controller that can covert any Inverter to Solar inverter. This Flyline solar regulator have almost all protections. <more details>


FLYLINE INVERTER: Murickens Group is one of the first Inverter manufacturer in Kerala  and catch the entire market in response of quality, service and dealing. We have different models of inverter pure sine wave and semi sine wave. Both products are known in market is "Flyline" - registered band name. <more details>

FLYLINE OFF LINE UPS:   It is a lower price UPS System of the smooth working of computer and other equipments. It is fully automatic uninterrupted power supply. We have 650 VA t0 3 KVA with an affordable price.   <more details>                                                              

FLYLINE ON LINE UPS:   Flyline  on line ups is used for lower and higher capacity applications. Murickens Group marketed this product with a registered brand name of Flyline.

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FLYLINE DUAL  UPS: We  develop this product for the home use and small applications with the help of the system we can use sophisticated system as well as house hold electronic system. It have a selection switch for UPS and Inverter mode. It is also used for automotive applications.

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MG DEEP FREEZER: Murickens Group developed and manufactured  freezers working  with less consumption of power. It is a body condensing freezer, we manufactured since 1990. The main attraction of the MG Freezer, fast freezing. It come down upto - 35 degree. We have 3 in 1 system. One is for preserving meat and fish and other one is for cooling bottle cooler and other cabin can be used for milk cooler. By keeping these temperature in a different freezer it is very useful for small shops, bakers and house hold use.

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 MG Mobile mortuary is the first manufacturer of Mobile Mortuaries in India. It is made with US technology and available in 2 models, Pure glass type and fiber. This is fully automatic with stainless steel body and maintenance free model.  
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MG WATER COOLER : MG Water cooler is manufactured by pure stainless steel. It is easy to handle and cleaning and getting pure hygiene drinking water. It is not absorb the atmospheric  temperature by adopting the PUB System used in side the body, the water will always getting cool.
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MG AIR CONDITIONER:  Murickens Group try to develop solar air conditioner. Refrigeration air conditioning equipment usually reduces the humidity of the air processed by the system.

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FLYLINE TUBULAR BATTERY: Murickens group offer an assortment of high efficiency tubular batteries like lead acid tubular batteries, standard low maintenance heat sealed tubular batteries, EL long life heat sealed tubular tower type batters are mainly designed for solar applications  <more details>                                                               


We entered in business since 1975.Real estate Kerala" the first free listing web portal with thousands of property details in different districts of Kerala and other States. Our Head Office is situated in Kaduthuruthy which is situated in the Northern Part of Kottayam District.    

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